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Humbleton Hill and the Border Reivers

The Borders surrounding our park are steeped in history, come visit us and discover it for yourself. Listed below are just two items particular to our area!

Humbleton Hill

Northumberland holiday parksHumbleton Hill rises to the north of our park and has an historic tale to tell!

In 1402, the Earl of Douglas massed a Scottish Army and headed across the Scottish Borders into England, raiding as far south as Newcastle. On their return, they were met head on at Humbleton Hill by a brave English army led by Harry Hotspur Percy, who had travelled from the coastal fortress of Bamburgh Castle. The Scots were only 12 miles from the safety of the Scottish Borders when they were attacked. they suffered one of worst defeats in the Middle Ages, losing most of their gentry and 1000 men.

There are still some historic remains of a 'Citadel' - a hill fort constructed during the Iron Age, on top of Humbleton Hill!


The Border Reivers

Border ReiversFrom the 14th to 16th centuries, the border regions of England and Scotland became a permanent battleground. The family clans of the border hills took advantage of the struggle between the two Kingdoms to live in a state of semi-lawlessness. They were rugged, tough people who enforced their own brutal code of conduct and became known as the Border raiders or 'Reivers'. Today their descendents can be found all over the world and include British Prime Ministers, American Presidents and the first man on the Moon. The history of the Border Reivers has many similarities to the American Wild West. It produced its share of outlaws and broken men, corrupt officials, greed, misery and fights for survival. Arson, murder and blood feud were commonplace in these troubled times.

The stamp of the Reivers is still to be seen on the Border Lands - in it's architecture, culture and people. From the fortified tower houses and farms to family names that once struck fear into men's hearts - Armstrongs, Douglas, Grahams, Kerrs, Maxwells, Nixons, Robsons - the legacy of the Reivers remains. In these violent times, crops were destroyed, homesteads burnt and the people murdered or dispersed. Robbery and blackmail were everyday professions. If one member of a clan did harm to another, the issue would not simply be between the two individuals - the whole of both families would be drawn in, often with terrible consequences.




Humbleton Hill


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